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Yoghurt Party on My Birthday

Even I myself can’t really explain why I love yoghurts much. Be that yoghurt is of any kind, any flavors, any brands or packages, I still love to munch one. And if you’ll give me a dozen or two, or even a truck loaded with yoghurts, I would never feel unweighted and not tempted to take all those for myself.

Moreover, in this birthday of mine, I would love to have a Yoghurt Party for myself.

Yoghurt PartyYoghurt Party (image from bitofthegoodstuff.com)

Yes! You heard it! I want yoghurt party! However, in as much as I wanted it to be realized, it still can’t be. First thing’s first is the fact that I don’t have much materials and equipments here in my place which are needed in making a yoghurt. Of course, I don’t want to have a yoghurt party wherein all yoghurts served are instant and just from the grocery. Second is that I don’t have enough time to prepare yoghurt. I know it takes quite time to prepare ingredients, hence, I better have my birthday yoghurt party a wishlist still, for now.

Anyway, M beeped me last night and asked what gift I would love to receive. With no hesitations, I told him I want to have Army coins. He asked me what and how do Army coins looked like. I just laughed then cause even I myself haven’t seen Army coins yet and that perhaps my only reason why I wanted Army coins from M on my birthday. Hmp! Wondering now what he’ll give me on my birthday. Do you have any wild guesses to what M’s birthday pressie for me? Smiley

Choco Loco Yoghurt at The White Hat

I haven’t found The White HatItalian frozen Yoghurt store here in my new place. So every time I crave for yoghurts, I always remember those funny escapes of my close friend, Gemma Lou, wherein almost always the very first food we dive at are yoghurts at The White HatItalian frozen Yoghurt.

Choco Loco Yoghurt at The White HatChoco Loco Yoghurt at The White Hat

Most of the time I order Choco Loco Yoghurt. This doesn’t obviously shows how I love and attached to chocolates. Isn’t it? Smiley And to every cup of yoghurt we had before, always had a story to tell.

One time, we were still on our medical uniforms, we just immediate rush to SM City Cebu to cater our cravings needs. We passed by at a music store while munching our yoghurts, singing and laughing together when we accidentally bump at a music stand that looked like a Hamilton music stands at WWBW. Maybe we were just innocently looking students that time that the store attendants and the security guard didn’t scold us. They just smiled and told us to be careful next time in strolling inside the mall while eating so for us not to cause accidents nor damages to any stores.

But that was just us — often times, the childish in us dominates.

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