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Octopus Salad

My bad! It’s been more than two months since we dine out at Radisson Blu Hotel but I haven’t posted any food articles about the buffet dinner they offered. Actually, not only our Radisson Blu buffet dinner that I’ve missed blogging, but almost all my food adventures from the very first months of this year. Just imagine the tons of photographs I need to upload; gosh! That’s a month to finish!

Oh well, for now, let me share to you one exotic food I’ve tried at Radisson Blu Hotel buffet dinner.

Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad

As far as I could remember, haha!, this is an Octopus Salad. It has had a sour+salty taste; a typical salad taste but only that the Octopus slices were a bit rubbery. Though those pieces of slices were only an inch and half, I still had longer time to chew and finish a serving of it.

Nonetheless, that was an unforgettable treat to try.

This is, by the way, an entry for Yummy Sunday and Blog Photo Challenge.

Yummy Banana Pancake at The Pancake House

I’m not pretty sure if there’s The Pancake House here in Cebu City but as far as I’ve roamed around the city, I haven’t seen one. So when I went home on March 30, 2012, I asked mom to have us some pieces of pancakes coz I really missed the tempting and yummy banana pancake from there.

Yummy Banana Pancake at Pancake House

Why I love Banana Pancake at The Pancake House? The sour-sweet taste of banana perfectly blends to the pancake itself plus the melted cream on it was really a heaven for me. In fact, mom was kind of anew to my reaction when she saw me having a slice of the cake. She said I was looking like I haven’t eaten a pancake since ever. Smiley

So just think how I was delighted to have even a slice of the yummy banana pancake at The Pancake House. Smiley

This is my share for this week’s Yummy Sunday. Actually, a comeback entry after gone for, I forgot how many weeks I haven’t joined Yummy Sunday. Haha!

Have you dine at any Pancake Houses too? How did you find their pancakes?

By the way, I will share to you on my next post what my mom’s pancake choice was.

Worst Birthday Cake from Red Ribbon

I tell you, this was the worst birthday cake from red ribbon I had.

Worst Birthday Cake from Red Riboon


The day after my birthday which we initially celebrated in Davao City, my mom bought a red ribbon cake at the NCCC Mall of Davao. The moment we were there, we were the third customer. The one right before us was an adult man holding his receipt at the counter. Another woman was seating at the table with her customer number. While I and mom were on the counter already, three new customers arrived. Since we were in a hurry, we only ordered that cake above and mom asked to have it written with a birthday message. After we paid, waited for more than 15 minutes, we noticed that the three customers next to us were about to leave the store. I asked the attendant, she said that they forgot what my order was. I was getting hyped already. Smiley So I opted to take a cup of coffee from them. Another two sets of customers came in and after not more than 5 minutes, they were done, but my cake and coffee weren’t served yet. That time, I haven’t able to hold my temper and burst it all on them.

How long would it take you to write Happy Birthday Gagay and prepare a coffee for me where in fact you were all more than 5 attendants there? Smiley

Take note, when I am tempered, I can’t stop blobbing in English.

I didn’t drink the COLD coffee they served that I paid. I was supposed to check what was written on the cake but they covered it already.

On the next day, when mom opened the cake at home, she noticed different name was written on it. Indeed, THE WORST BIRTHDAY CAKE FROM Red Ribbon I had!

This is my entry fro Yummy Sunday and Blog Photo Challenge.

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Sugar-coated Deep-fried Banana

Every time I think of sugar-coated deep-fried banana, I always missing home, I wanna go home. Home-made sugar-coated deep-fried banana is way far different from those sold even at the malls.

Sugar-coated Deep-fried banana

Sugar-coated Deep-fried banana

This is my entry for Blog Photo Challenge and Yummy Sunday.