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Cheesy Maja Blanca

This year’s vacation holiday for me from school is one of the unexpectedly enjoyable holidays I have. It is because the whole family have had enough bonding moments. We were just six in the family, regardless of the extended ones, my mom and dad and we – the four siblings. My brother and sisters are all working professionals already and with our different busy schedules, one could think that it would be very impossible for us to get-together aside from Christmas seasons. It was just a quick gathering for us, like a day or two, though, but at least, we did!

Anyway, so much with those dramas, and don’t worry much because I will be sharing other stuff what the family did last week in my personal blog. In here, I will show you, one by one, some foodies that we have prepared.

I have here the cheesy maja blanca that was served during my cousin, Maggie’s birthday on October 31, 2011 which she celebrated at home. Her mom was the one who prepared this maja blanca.

Cheesy Maja BlancaCheesy Maja Blanca

Sorry guys if I can’t share how to prepare this one. I was asleep when this one’s being done. When I woke, I just saw my cousin’s classmates in our living room already. Haha!

Have a cheesy yummy Sunday everyone!

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Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin

It’s Sunday once again guys! It’s time to share our yummiest food servings!

Mine here below is a Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin which I ate on Monday, October 10, 2011 at the  Mooon Cafe in Robinsons Cybergate, Cebu City.

Sizzling Marinated Blue Marlin from Moon Cafe


Aside from the fact that fishes are healthy foods, the sizzling marinated blue marlin was also very lusciously tasteful during that time I was craving for one. This is really a must try.

Have a yummy Sunday everyone!

Vegetarian Pizza: Spinach Mushroom Pizza

For how many months of sharing vegetarian foods here, this is my first time to share vegetarian pizza. Smiley

Sbarro’s Spinach Mushroom Vegetarian.

When it comes to pizza, I am very picky where to dine at because there are only a few restaurants in the country that offers a very delicious and really scrumptious pizza. Not to mention, Sbarro, gives the most appetizing one, well, that’s just yet for me.

Ain’t looking hungry. Haha! Smiley

Indeed not so hungry! Smiley

Have an appetizing Sunday everyone and great week ahead!

Instant Food: Cup Noodles

I’m getting kind’a noodly today. Haha! Is there such thing as NOODLY? Well, this is my blog, I can do whatever I want to do with this. Haha.

Noodly means being in loved, being hungry and craving for noodles. So, hope you get that!

Anyway, I am having here below an instant noodle from Nissin, opps! I am not advertising Nissin products. I just so want to share this because I missed traveling. Haven’t you noticed that when traveling, the easiest food to grab are instant cup noodles. Ain’t it true?

cup noodles

The image of the Nissin cup noodle above is taken from here, Nissin cup noodle.

Instant Travel Foods Cup Noodles

Above is just one proof that indeed cup noodles are what we used to eat while traveling.You can read more about the instant noodle story when you click the image.

Honestly, I am not a noodly lass. I can’t find any healthy thingy from eating instant noodles. But when traveling, it seems like instant noodles are the most delicious, yummiest and healthy food we could have. Haha!

Have a blessed and healthy Sunday everyone!